Social benefits in an unprecedented time. Now more than ever is a time of uncertainty and restrictions, children’s mental welfare is at risk, stress levels are high, and time feels like it is moving both exceptionally slow and at high speed. It is time to take control and catch the moment before it is gone. The world around us is still bursting with opportunity and the re-introduction of socialization into children’s daily routines must be done now, with safety as the top priority.

Kingswood Canadian Village Camp sets the stage for each individual child to achieve their highest potential in language success – Our teachers, coaches and camp counsellors then bring each child’s goal to fruition by guiding them through the day’s unique lessons, activities and classroom assignments. The thematic approach is backed by research and proven to work. The sensory activities and synergistic style lesson plans keep the classroom time fun and exciting. The theme of the day is carried through in a way that stimulates all the senses. Campers will see, hear, taste, touch, and smell Canada as if they were really there!


Students learn about Canada and its amazing culture! Creating these incredible memories at the Canadian Village Camp help to lock in long-term English retention. Campers become more confident by broadening their vocabulary and learning about the linguistic nuances of English. Campers will be able to express themselves better, carry conversation and become excited to continue on their pursuit of English fluency.


Each day and its unique Canadian theme is a new opportunity for fun and confidence-boosting. Educational activities teach team building, leadership skills. Students benefit from a positive and encouraging environment where every lesson is specially designed to promote speaking confidence and self-esteem.


Learning about Canadian culture prepares students to study abroad. Exploring culture, etiquette, and Canadianisms through English-In-Action learning and sensory-based activities gives each camper a glimpse into what the future has in store for them. Our curriculum allows students to explore Canada and unlock their greatest linguistic potentials. We inspire global suceess!


Students unplug at camp. We practice and enforce a technology cleanse while at camp. Students live in the moment and have an easier time making friends. the recalling of phones and other technological devices is an important reflection in social behaviour, respect for one other and promotes linguistic success by improving attention and memory.